Group Rates

SafeCheck® is proud to offer companies the best rates for online food safety training and certification. By working with your team we are able to develop the most effective food safety training platform for your students. One of the great things we can offer is the ability for blended learning, which includes both online and classroom based instruction and examination. We are able to provide your team with all the tools necessary to ensure successful certification of your staff. We guarantee a better learning experience and a convenient, easy to use online learning management system for administrators. Our system allows for complete customization of your package, along with total control of your employees, exams and certifications.
Save Even More With Group Purchases!

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Your team and ours! offers two options for companies looking to purchase large quantities of training at once. The following information should help you determine which option is ideal for you.


Group purchases are ideal for companies who need large numbers of training courses, but want to be leave the enrollment process upto our staff to handle. In this case we will handle the enrollment of all your staff  into Learning Management System (LMS). All we need from you is the employees' email addresses and names. 


Corporate accounts are ideal for companies who wish to have full control over their training needs and administration. In this case, allows you access to the LMS, through which you can add, remove, and change employee training all on your own. This option also gives the company the ability to set training on a consistent basis, and manage certifications.


By working with your team, is able to customize traning to suit your needs. Whether you’re a large or small company, can provide you with flexible and affordable training solutions, which are easy to use and manage.

Is quality important to you?

Just like the quality of your service, is proud to provide the highest quality online training solutions. The interactive and industry leading teaching techniques used in our courses provide your staff with the top tier, government approved food safety training.

Approved in every Canadian Province! is able to choose which training your staff will need based on their location.

Your Brand!

Your custom training portal can be customized, at no extra cost, to display your company logo and branding to ensure your staff always find the right training. This branding will allow your company to have a one stop solution to your food safety needs all through

Complete access to training records and certificates?

Corporate accounts provide companies the ability to access, view and print their training records as well as certificates.

Save Money!

By using a corporate account or group purchases you can reduce the cost per training, by bulk purchasing. Our work at your own pace style of courses allows your staff to complete their training when it’s most convenient to them, ensuring time does not have to be spent away from work to attend in class training seminars.