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QWho should take the SafeCheck™ Advanced Food Safety Certification or the Training Achievement Program (Online Training)?


Anyone who prepares, handles, serves, or manufactures food.
This course is not only for people working within the food services industry, but anyone who handles food: EVERYONE. Food safety is imperative in handling all food, this course will provide individuals with safe practices and procedures that are relevant not only in the food services industry, but within the home.

Q How can I register for training courses?


Please visit to see full schedule of in class seminars offered.

Q How can I pay for the training courses?


VISA, Mastercard

Q What if I want hard copy and wallet card also?


You can purchase hard copy and wallet card for $21. This will be sent via canada post approximately 2-3 weeks after successful exam completion.

Q What if I fail the exam?


You will have the opportunity to retake the exam at the cost of $21.

You will need to contact the Canadian Food Safety Office staff to request an exam retake.

Q Is there GST ontop of the prices?


There is no GST on top of the prices of the training seminars because they are educational.
All other services are subject to GST.

Q When will I receive my results?


You will receive a digital copy immediately after successful exam completion.